Current of Colorado started with Patrick Shea’s failed MLS tryout on a chilly November weekend in 1995.

Shea joined 180 other guys at the Colorado talent search. No one made the cut, but Shea wrote a 1,000-word description of the weekend and continues to cover MLS, the Colorado Rapids, and special soccer events in the state.

At the close of 2014, Shea expanded coverage with the help of Brian Jennings and John and Marko Babiak. With pictures and video, Current of Colorado features all levels of the beautiful game.

Patrick SheaFounder
Patrick Shea played his first soccer game in 1968 in Colorado Springs. After an annual quest to get out of Region IV to qualify for the McGuire Cup national youth tournament, Shea played for Palmer High School and Colorado College while coaching soccer camps during the summer. A move to Denver in 1985 introduced Shea to the Colorado Amateur Soccer League, and he continues to play for Colorado- and Seattle-based teams today. After writing an account of his failed MLS tryout in 1995, Shea has published more than one million words about the Colorado Rapids and notable soccer events in Colorado.