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Oscar’s respect for the Powers of “personality”

Way back after a snowy-day pre-season training session at the Bubble, Oscar described Dillon Powers’ “personality.” Throughout the season our coach used this term for other players, but for Powers he said it with sheer astonishment. We later learned that the University of Notre Dame administration had all the credits they needed from Mr. Powers, […]

Oscar Montoya: Don’t forget the name

If you’re impatient, jump to 4:45 for the first goal of the game. Count the number of players on the field. Watch the whole first half and then the second half to see five more goals from Oscar. Oscar Montoya scored six goals for Chivas de Denver on Sunday, and he finished off a long cross a couple weeks ago with […]

True story

I don’t have a television, so I need to venture out for Rapids away games. Plans for taking the Light Rail to the official viewing party at The Armoury derailed, and Plan B is out of the question for 8:30 kickoffs. Plan B is to hope that one of the two TVs in our complex […]