Soccer players create their own stories on and off the field

Get after it

Copyright © 2017, Patrick Shea THIS IS AN ORIGINAL WORK FULL OF WORDS, ILLUSTRATIONS, SOUNDS, AND VIDEO (ALL MINE, Patrick Shea). While playing for Chivas in Denver, I covered Roy Wegerle on his last day in Colorado. “I was the last guy to cover Roy Wegerle when he played striker for the Colorado Rapids,” Diego told […]


Too big to fail, or too big to traverse?

Travel kills U.S. soccer development because our nation is too huge, but my Current of Colorado video strategy addresses the issue. Hear me out, por favor. You can start your drive from Region I to Region II at sunrise, swing through Region III, and return home before sunset. But you’ll cover more than 4,000 miles to get from the eastern edge of […]

Competition flows differently for Current of Colorado

Soccer fields everywhere (November 29, 2016) — Every soccer game is a three-ring circus, and Current of Colorado pays attention to all three rings (both teams and the ref crew). Competition is fundamental for these three groups. Unfortunately, many folks beyond the sidelines mar the beautiful game. They simply don’t get it. They essentially tug shirts and throw elbows because […]

Patcast Mobile: November 15, 2016

Colorado/Utah/Arizona/Nevada/California — Current of Colorado took a detour to film United Premier Soccer League games in southern California before the Seattle Sounders host the Colorado Rapids at CenturyLink Field on Tuesday night. Hear a panel of experts discuss Zac MacMath in the afternoon, and catch a glimpse of a UPSL game under the waning Beaver Moon in Jurupa Valley, […]

Mile High Juggle Try: Dillon Powers for America SCORES

If you can juggle, you can raise money for America SCORES along with Colorado Rapids midfielder Dillon Powers. Solicit sponsors to pay a per-juggle rate, and then keep the ball up as long as possible. Check out this video of Powers juggling 2,824 times and describing the #MileHighJuggleTry fundraiser for America SCORES. The challenge runs […]

Perfect storm or clear skies?

Superior soccer visited Colorado this week to create a perfect storm that most people missed. This was an opportunity to learn from top international teams from Germany and Mexico. The handful of coaches, players, and fans who witnessed Colorado Cup 2016 will remember seeing something special, and they will mark their calendars for next year. If it was good enough […]