An MLS original, the Colorado Rapids hold a spot in the top league of the U.S. soccer pyramid

First draft for Viva Colorado

Colorado Rapids: More than a team By Patrick Shea Commerce City – Isaac Martinez raced down the left wing with the ball at his feet, but opposing defender Davy Armstrong slid for a tough tackle and dribbled away during a Colorado Rapids training scrimmage at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park on Wednesday, June 5. Assistant athletic […]

Viva Colorado Article about Oscar

This post includes the English and Spanish variations of a story I wrote recently for the Denver Post. Get out your Español for the version that appeared in print and online in Spanish: Here it is posted in English (although not the original text from me): ++++++++ Original Colorado Rapids court Hispanic soccer […]

Credit where credit is due

Wondo didn’t get the ball much until later in the game, and he had to make heroic runs to get open deep in the midfield with nanoseconds to lay it off and fade again. But he made the most of every opportunity and coordinated the chaotic choreography with the Bash Brothers. They did exactly what […]

True story

I don’t have a television, so I need to venture out for Rapids away games. Plans for taking the Light Rail to the official viewing party at The Armoury derailed, and Plan B is out of the question for 8:30 kickoffs. Plan B is to hope that one of the two TVs in our complex […]

Background for Viva Colorado article

Viva Colorado is a branch of the Denver Post that targets a Spanish-reading audience, and I was fortunate to receive an assignment with a single question: What are the Colorado Rapids doing to attract Hispanic fans? People have been asking this since 1996. The answers have varied over time. For example, we had a pairing of a Brazilian […]

Lesson #5: Florida-based finalist story posted on

The story of Brian Loaiza’s path to Dick’s Sporting Goods Park went live on a wee bit ago: The highlighted “Brian Loaiza’s path to Dick’s Sporting Goods Park” and the long URL are the same link, but for some reason the big ugly URL looks neat to me. The lesson learned here is […]

Published on Sueño stories and lessons

Patrick Shea (me) received the assignment to cover Sueño MLS for in 2013 (the Colorado tryout). This post includes links to all the stories, along with all the other things I learned that weekend. I watched 13 soccer games on Saturday at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park (12 Sueño MLS tryouts and the Rapids/Sounders match). […]