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Lesson #4: Get your head in the game

Lesson #5 is psychological, and I think Crookham tested it perfectly on Sunday. He lead a psychological test thinly disguised as a warm-up passing drill. It required concentration, and on top of identifying candidates for the short bus, it showed him how players react to criticism. He didn’t yell at anyone, but he feigned exasperation […]

Lesson #3: Be bilingual

Lesson #4 is an addendum to Lesson #2 (communication). If a player seriously wants to go pro (MLS or anywhere), he should become bilingual (Spanish and English). It’s like using your left foot and your right foot. At least get the futbol parablas and English phrases you’ll need to survive.


I already knew Lesson #2, but this weekend confirmed what I’ve felt for years. I didn’t sit exactly in the center between the fields, but I was under a tent slightly north of midfield (away from traffic as much as possible). I wished I could “minimize” myself with a single click, so I was as […]

Published on Sueño stories and lessons

Patrick Shea (me) received the assignment to cover Sueño MLS for in 2013 (the Colorado tryout). This post includes links to all the stories, along with all the other things I learned that weekend. I watched 13 soccer games on Saturday at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park (12 Sueño MLS tryouts and the Rapids/Sounders match). […]

Me and the equipment test

Pardon the mess, but I wanted to experiment with two cameras and a moving boom mic. The three are not synchronized, so it sounds like what it sounds like in my head all the time. People think you’re crazy when you talk to yourself. My problem is I rarely listen. I recorded this after watching […]