Oscar Montoya: Don’t forget the name

Oscar Montoya: Don’t forget the name

If you’re impatient, jump to 4:45 for the first goal of the game. Count the number of players on the field. Watch the whole first half and then the second half to see five more goals from Oscar.

Oscar Montoya scored six goals for Chivas de Denver on Sunday, and he finished off a long cross a couple weeks ago with a high-flying bicycle kick. Only 21, Oscar has played for Chivas de Denver since he was 12. But he took a detour after the Colorado High School championship game in 2009 (Abraham Lincoln High School) to play key games for Tigres in Mexico. Oscar currently plays for Angel Campos and Matias Sanchez at Northwest Kansas Technical College (in addition to Guadalajara Soccer Club of Denver in the United Premier League — the video linked above — and occasional indoor games at the Soccer Country Indoor Arena). He scored four goals in his last collegiate game on Friday, a weekend total of 10.

I help manage a new premier men’s league for the Colorado Soccer Association, and I had all three games filmed last Sunday (October 20, 2013). We only have six teams, but each roster is packed with excellent players.

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