Credit where credit is due

Credit where credit is due

Wondo didn’t get the ball much until later in the game, and he had to make heroic runs to get open deep in the midfield with nanoseconds to lay it off and fade again. But he made the most of every opportunity and coordinated the chaotic choreography with the Bash Brothers. They did exactly what they had to do, and they did it very well. They pressed extra hard for half-, quarter-, and nano-chances, ultimately leading to the uneven roster count at the final whistle and the even score on the board. Lenhart was more misdemeanor than felony, all within some unwritten acceptable range. Drew showed the forgiveness of Ghandi after Lenhart’s impression of threshing equipment. Irwin wasn’t too pleased about a few things that will probably come out on the Discipline Committee Retrospective Naughty Boy Highlight Reel.

Still, kudos for creating something out of nothing. I thought all the Earthquakes darted and pounced when they saw opportunity, but I don’t think they had many chances. I’ll go check out that chalkboard thing on

And credit Wondo for spinning like a passive bouncer and letting Chavez’ knuckler pass by, an excellent strike from the Hondo past Wondo.

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