Argueta, Seth power Switchbacks past Sounders 2

Argueta, Seth power Switchbacks past Sounders 2

Switchbacks Stadium — Rony Argueta and Mike Seth scored early and late at Switchbacks Stadium on Saturday night against Seattle Sounders 2. The 2–1 victory and other star alignments within the USL Western Conference galaxy put the Colorado Springs side in favorable home-field advantage for the playoffs. Following a trip to California for the final regular season game against OC Blues on September 24, the Switchbacks will host six days later at Switchbacks Stadium.

This Current of Colorado video tells a fraction of the story from Saturday night. It illustrates a box score, but this three-minute recap doesn’t show how the team is ramping up at the right tempo for a championship run. It doesn’t include head coach Steve Trittschuh’s recap of his talk with Pablo Mastroeni regarding Zach Pfeffer. Pfeffer, like Charles Eloundou last year, did not play enough games to be eligible for USL playoffs. So on Saturday, while Tritt’s troops tromped S2, Pfeffer was on the bench during the Rapids’ scoreless shutout against the San Jose Earthquakes in Commerce City.

“I talked to Pablo,” Trittschuh said, “I said, ‘listen, I need to settle my team for the playoffs too. And I don’t have a spot for Zach right now.’ He understood totally, so it was a good conversation. Zach helped us out a couple games, started in Vancouver last weekend and did pretty well. But we’ve got to get the team ready for the playoffs. It was kind of unfortunate for him because I know he wants to play games. But we’ve got to get all our eligible players right.”

The last loaner standing, Conor Doyle, is more than eligible. The Rapids attacker has started to click with combination play, and you see him defending in the box at the start of the game-winning play in stoppage time. Meanwhile, as Doyle hits his stride, Yaw Danso is quietly kicking into gear too.

“He’s done well,” Trittschuh explained, noting the Ghanian veteran’s solid presence. “The last two games he’s come in and settled things for us. In Vancouver he had an assist on the goal. He’s an experienced player, and we need him.”

As Tritt and the players always note, they need the crowd too. Folks set an attendance record last Saturday night (4,308). Will they break it again on Friday, September 30?

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