Three ships passed through the night in Colorado

Three ships passed through the night in Colorado

Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, Cadet Soccer Stadium, Switchbacks Stadium — This past week featured at least three huge soccer events at the same time in Colorado (some in the same location). But most people missed out. Current of Colorado was on the ground with all three groups. Only a handful of the participants themselves even knew about the other two events as soccer swept through the state without coordination. The soccer community failed to communicate with itself.

In addition to the USL/MSL scheduled events (a rare combination), the United States Adult Soccer Association Veteran’s Cup ran all week at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park while Mainz 05 and Leones Negros played exhibition games on Tuesday and Wednesday.

AUDIO/VIDEO NOTE: Like a castaway who watches three ships pass each other in the night unnoticed, you will see and hear from all three events. It’s a little like Dark Side of the Rainbow, but some of the overlap makes sense. Current of Colorado recorded all the coaches (except Gabriel from Leones Negros, but at least we got to scrimmage together with the kids). These guys shape their teams with the same philosophy. Listen to Pablo Mastroeni, Steve Trittschuh, Peter Vermes, and Mainz 05 coaching staff talk about the work required to be successful.

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