Colorado soccer pros launch mental toughness training with Pro Performance

Colorado soccer pros launch mental toughness training with Pro Performance

In 2015, Luke Vercollone, James Riley, and Jordan Burt combined forces to create a mental strengthening program called Pro Performance. This Current of Colorado video runs over 14 minutes with explanations from the three players, along with pictures and videos of Pro Performance mentors in action in Colorado. But the Pro Performance Web site includes even more content based on their experience as pro players, mentors, and learning-technology gurus.

In addition to sample lessons and a clear overview of the program and philosophy, the Pro Performance Web site also provides details about the growing pool of colleagues with experience in professional men’s and women’s leagues. The current list includes three women: Brittany Bock, Jordan Angeli, and Sam Harder. The men work in domestic and international leagues. Visit the Web site to learn more about each mentor.

Current Colorado Rapids midfielder Dillon Powers is working as a student with Vercollone and is mentoring a young player headed to Notre Dame. Joe Greenspan is also a Pro Performance mentor along with former Rapids players Stephen Keel, Anthony Wallace, Wells Thompson, Atiba Harris, and Jason Moore. Current Switchbacks FC goalkeeper Devala Gorrick and defensive midfielder Rony Argueta recently joined the mentor pool, as well as former Switchbacks FC loaner and current Louisville FC forward Chandler Hoffman.

Although the pace varies for each student, the Pro Performance program runs for about 21 weeks (three phases in seven-lesson increments for a total of 21 sessions). Students as young as 12 go through the program with their parents, and players 14 and older work with professional mentors to meet specific needs (for example, recovery from injury or responding to reduced playing time). All mentors focus one-on-one with individual students, and Pro Performance mentors provide team programs as well.

Vercollone, Burt, and Riley have researched mental training and included it in their professional development over the years, but as you can hear in the video, they want to pass on the knowledge that took so long to discover so younger players can flourish more quickly. Everything else equal, mental toughness provides an advantage for athletes willing to put in the work. Pro Performance provides that platform.


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