Let Current of Colorado make your soccer highlight video

Let Current of Colorado make your soccer highlight video

Current of Colorado founder Patrick Shea became a soccer player in 1968, a coach in 1979, a journalist in 1985, and a film operator in 2015. The first three milestones don’t matter much, but they continue to help with the fourth: Current of Colorado Soccer Filming Services.

Throughout his USSF D license training, Shea heard the lead instructor urge coaches to ask themselves, “Is this soccer?” when considering a drill or session. This same question applies to our soccer filming services. Highlight reels isolate individuals, but Current of Colorado maintains the team perspective. While assembling highlights, we share footage with coaches, parents, and teammates (and the officiating crew).

We follow the same procedure from start to finish for referees, players, and coaches. For example, if a center referee is the client, he or she will receive evidence of AR positioning, harsh comments from players, and all critical moments in a match. The final highlights show a positive light, but if the entire crew weeds through the bad moments on-screen together first, then they all learn during the process.

Current of Colorado uses separate cameras for recording. One operator films the action while another camera automatically follows an individual player or referee. Then we combine separate camera angles with split-screen replays in slow motion to fully illustrate specific moments. Our software helps us paint a complete picture in three to five minutes. We cover the cost of storage and backup during the process, and Current of Colorado maintains the pace defined by each client until project completion. Translation: We work as fast as you do. Before we begin, clients clearly define what they will and WILL NOT do. Our pricing accommodates all level of effort.

Current of Colorado clients need Internet access for managing and reviewing files, and they ultimately maintain long-term storage backup for these files, but that’s it. As a client, using a smart phone is sufficient.

Current of Colorado highlight project milestones

  • Client agrees with project milestones
  • First game filmed by CoC
  • Clips marked by client
  • Clips clipped and prepared for review by CoC
  • Clips stored by CoC when reviews conclude (and client always has access)
  • First interview recorded by CoC
  • Interview audio edited by CoC
  • Interview video (if any) synchronized with audio by CoC
  • First complete draft prepared for review by CoC
  • Review cycle completed by CoC and client
  • Final files delivered to client


Current of Colorado highlight projects conclude with a final file that shows the player, coach, or referee at his or her absolute best. The project may be complete, but the individual certainly is not. Who knows? The video might open a new door, start a new chapter.

What if you’re a young striker who ends up having nine lousy games captured on film? Let’s say time runs out for the college submission deadline, so you deliver the most dazzling footage possible (and become one of six or eight videos received by the coach on any given day).

So if you’re that striker and you get a hat-trick in each of your next five club games, we will work with you to update the story to resubmit a new video right away. Why not take that extra step? It’s a rare step, and you’ll only take it once (and of course you need to be on fire to make it worth the effort).

If you score plenty of goals every year in college and then want to create a new video after graduation, Current of Colorado can continue to help. We might not wear the same jersey, but we’re on the same team when you work with Current of Colorado.

In short, if you stink at soccer and want to get better, Current of Colorado can help. If you’re one of the better players looking to be the best, Current of Colorado can help. If you’re truly the best, Current of Colorado can help you too. We don’t discriminate.

To schedule filming and highlight reviews, contact Patrick Shea at Current of Colorado: (303) 981-0380 and CurrentOfColorado@gmail.com.

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